ARC builds affordable sustainability.


Supporting energy independence and equitable access for all.

ARC’s basic organization expresses our belief:

To enable fundamental and equitable access and opportunity for all, “independence technologies” must be deliberately deployed at two scales: the local scale, and the infrastructure network scale.


infrastructure network scale

Collective planning, investment and governance create the conditions that support access and exchange in societies. ARC’s Program and Construction Management division supports expert development and deployment of tomorrow’s transportation and communication infrastructures.

Local Scale

Energy independence creates the conditions for significant individual and community freedoms. ARC’s Simple Solutions division offers products and strategies to enable affordable local energy independence.

Program Management + Consulting

ARC can support your full service program and construction management scope. Our experience includes planning, design, engineering, construction/deployment to maintenance and operation. Please contact us for more information.

Simple Solutions

For Americans to dramatically reduce per capita carbon footprints, a radical rethinking of the systems and gadgets that we use in our homes and on our campuses will revolutionize our economy, create jobs and provide local control. ARC Simple Solutions offer low cost/low carbon alternatives that improve comfort, performance and control. 


ARC walks the walk every single day.

ARC professionals possess the vision, principles, experience and skills to advance and support your program anywhere on the sustainable infrastructure spectrum. 


Our Mission

Dedicated to change.

ARC is a development, construction and program/construction management company. ARC’s purpose is to rapidly advance, through demonstration and example, the concepts and applications that characterize sustainable development.

The infrastructure of the future must be based on renewable and resilient energy solutions. The world's systems, at every scale, must express the value that all people should have access to security and opportunity irrespective of race, gender, economic status, nationality, sexual orientation, age or ability.

ARC continuously seeks common-sense, affordable solutions that promote, endorse and encourage sustainable and renewable solutions to the problems of energy and food security at local and regional scales.