One small step towards ZERO-CARBON TRANSPORTATION: take this quick survey on solar boating.

Solar Sal is a 44-foot off-grid solar electric watercraft that is ready to challenge the petroleum-powered establishment in several sectors. The patent pending prototype was designed by David Borton, a renewable energy expert, physicist and retired RPI professor. Equipped with a PV array and batteries, Solar Sal can cruise at approximately 6 knots indefinitely - until her engines break down or until the sun is extinguished. Solar Sal has a rich future as a passenger and freight transport, a weekend (or month-long) eco-getaway, and an all-around party or cruising boat. Preliminary engineering is complete: her most basic physical requirements have been converted into engineering drawings. Before moving forward, we seek your thoughts on Solar Sal's most likely future. Your insight will help us make the next set of design decisions. Please help Solar Sal go mainstream by taking this brief survey: